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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sandringham Craft Show

From Friday 23rd to Sun 25th, November, I'll be at the Sandringham craft show.

I'll be demonstrating all the while and, if space permits, I'll be running half hour long workshops where people can get their first taste of encaustic art for just £2. They keep all that they can make in that time! They also get a coupon worth £2 to spend with me that day!

I'll also have lots of things for sale - some of my work but also encaustic supplies in abundance!

If anyone wants one of my £37.90 starter sets (includes the iron!), I'll give them £5 of card free with it at the show.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Different encaustic book now in stock

"Are there no books on encaustic apart from those 3 by Michael Bossom?" I get asked quite often.
There are some others and I've now got a good supply of "Wax Art" by Hazel Marsh.

This has 122 pages with lots of different ideas and all quite simple stuff. I'm selling it for £9.50 although the RSP is about £12.95

I think it's out of print now so if you want one, buy now!